Products Name: FINEPLACER® Pico (Rework Station)

Products Details:

FINEPLACER® Pico (Rework Station)

The FINEPLACER® Pico is FINETECH's most versatile base module. It can be used in a wide field of application for reflow/rework (Pico Rework Station) and different kinds of micro assembly, e.g. Flip Chip bonding (Pico Micro Assembler).

On one hand, the Pico MA offers highest accuracy [5 µm (0.2 mil) placement accuracy], allowing to bond smallest dies with a pitch of down to 50 µm. On the other hand the Pico rework station offers enough accessibility to be used for nearly all large standard surface mounted components up to 16,9 mm side length.

All established reflow and bonding methods can be executed. Moreover, FINETECH keeps pace with new technical developments, resulting in continuous upgrading of existing features and development of most up to date new process modules.

The Pico is available in two base versions:

- Standard version (A4), equipped with microscope, allowing stereoscopic view during alignment

- Video version (A4V), with CCD camera instead of the microscope, for parallax free vision

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