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Digital Dispense Controller

The SL101N is an automatic digital dispenser with a bright LCD display and “teach and learn” process programming feature. Up to 9 independent dispensing programs may be stored for fast recall.

The SL101N has three modes of operation.

Manual Mode: The dispense operation is manually controlled by a foot pedal.

Timed Mode: Dispenses at a pre-set time.

Auto Cycling Mode: Combines a dispense time and pause time and will continue to repeat the cycle until foot pedal is actuated.

High Precision Dispense Controller

A versatile precision dispenser designed to suit a wide variety of dispensing applications: from microdot deposits and lines, to large potting and filling. Integral and intelligent dispense software allows the user more control over dispensing applications.

Programmable alarms can be set to notify the user when material life has ended or fluctuations in dispensing pressure have occurred. The user-friendly programming allows for up to 10 programs saved and 5 different dispense modes.

Syringe, piston, receiver head, and other consumables sold separately, see item QK-CSK (Controller Starter Kit) for a variety of sizes available for testing (3 cc, 5 cc, 10 cc, 30/55 cc).

High Precision Valve Controller

A multi-purpose digital controller, recommended for use with Fisnar pneumatically-actuated valves. This system uses a highly responsive air pressure management system, coupled with a digital display to provide consistent repeatable control.

For use with 710PT-U, VD510, MV-0180, CV629, VP300, VMP30H, 790HP, and VMS400 dispense valves.