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PACTECH (Germany)


Advanced Packaging Equipment

PacTech provides state-of-the-art automated equipment to the Wafer Level Packaging and Backend Industries.  This equipment is divided into three separate platforms: electroless-Ni/Au Plating, Solder Bumping, and Backend Assembly.

The fully automatic electroless plating line (PacLine™ Series 200 and 300) allows the processing of 100-300mm wafers with Ni, Pd and Au at volumes of 600,000 parts per year. In addition, PacTech offers the peripheral equipment associated with electroless plating, including: plasma clean (PlasPac), resist and dielectric coating (ASC 200/300), megasonic solvent cleaning (MegaPac).

PacTech offers two different equipment platforms for solder deposition. These include the Laser Assisted Solder Jetting (SB²) and the Wafer Level Solder Balling (Ultra-SB²) machines. The SB²-Jet is ideal for processing MEMS, Defense and Medical applications; as well as single die, probe cards, substrates, Hard Disc Drive heads and camera modules. The Ultra-SB² is ideal for high yield and high volume Wafer Level Solder Balling applications.

To facilitate a full turnkey solution to their equipment line, PacTech offers a full set of additional equipment for Wafer Level Packaging and Backend applications, including: laser based assembly tools LAPLACE-FC/LAPLACE GENESIS, LAPLACE-FCR, LAPLACE-Cap, LAPLACE-Can, LAPLACE-VC, Laser Marking (LS²) and Reflow Oven.