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MARTIN-SMT / Expert 10.6 BGA/SMD Rework System

Rework Station with 3,300W hybrid under heater. The heating area of 275 x 245 mm² is adjustable to PCB size. Automated SMD placement process by Auto Vision Placer (AVP) incl. EASYSOLDER software package and DBL 06 control unit with six high resolution sensors inputs for thermocouples (Type K). This system is particularly suitable for mid-size and large PCBs with fine-pitch components of varying package dimensions.


  • Tool set for dispensing, placing, residual solder removal and soldering with magazine
  • Set of placement nozzles (BGA/CSP) 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
  • Set of solder nozzles (BGA) 15 mm, 27 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm
  • Two camera lenses (BGA und CSP)
  • Two thermocouple sensors (type K)
  • Four PCB magnet holder 40,5 mm (standard)
  • Two PCB clips to install at hand rest
  • Foot switch
  • Manual
  • Intuitive software EASYSOLDER 07 with touch integration

The MINIOVEN 05 is a compact and robust table-top device specially designed for reballing of BGAs and prebumping of QFN components. The device is used in development and production. The efficient hybrid heating technology heats up electronic components evenly from all sides and thereby guarantees reproducible reballing results. Up to 25 heating profiles can be set up, administered, and saved through the intuitive menu navigation. An additional external temperature sensor is used to ensure the highest possible reliability as the device automatically adjusts the reballing profiles. Through the sensor, the optimal profile settings for achieving the specified component temperatures are determined through the sensor. The software allows for the convenient editing of reballing profiles as well as for the temperature history to be depicted. Aside from the reballing process for BGA components, there are also images and provisions available for the prebumping of QFN components. The device possesses a connection for process gas. This allows the reflow processes to be easily converted to nitrogen-based atmospheres.

The SMART DESOLDER combines a manual hot gas source with a vacuum pen for extraction of residual solder. Damage to the pads from overheating or mechanical stress is avoided through targeted heating of the residual solder after lifting the component. The temperature-controlled airflow prevents the neighboring components from warming up. After melting, the residual solder is removed contactless by the vacuum pen. The soft Teflon tip prevents damage to the pads through mechanical demands. As a standalone device, it virtually fits on any work bench and can be operated very flexibly with two handheld pens. The HOTBEAM 04 / 05 under-heating system perfectly completes the SMART DESOLDER 01. Through this combination, the temperature behavior can be optimized by way of a sensor-supported or programmed preheating profile.

The HOTBEAM 04 is an extremely compact and efficient underheater. Powered by infrared technology, a 105 x 130 mm² heating area is provided. The under-heating system, which has been tried and tested for many years, was developed for stable, reliable and precise preheating tasks. All operations can be carried out with this device safely and with precision.

Various operating modes, e.g. for consistent power, consistent temperature, and profiles, can be operated easily. The Auto-Profiler feature determines required device settings (profile) automatically for the user. The innovative heating-management system guarantees the highest degree of reliability. Furthermore, the under-heating system can control devices (e.g. for removal by suction) or configure them in such a way that they become activated by external devices (SPS or foot switches). The software allows for the sorting, editing and writing of profiles via a USB connection.