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Diaphragm Valve

Pinch Tube Valve

High Pressure Valve

The VD510 is a diaphragm valve designed for precise flow control of low to medium viscosity materials.

The diaphragm separates the wetted parts from the moving parts, thus making the valve ideal for dispensing cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, reagents, paints, UV adhesives, and other volatile substances.

The 710PT-U Pinch Tube Dispensing Valve is engineered for precise control of low to medium viscosity liquids. The easy-to-use stroke control adjustment knob ensures accurate and repeatable dispense volumes.

The disposable pinch tube design allows for quick and easy servicing of the valve. Piston on/off actuation causes the pinch tube to open or close allowing material to flow through the valve.

The shot size or flow rate is determined by the degree of adjustment in releasing the closed (pinched) tube and by the valve control timer.

The 790HP-LF high-pressure spool valve offers an effective solution for dispensing high viscosity materials such as silicones, sealants, and grease.

A spring snap-back retraction closes the valve resulting in a suck-back at the fluid outlet to prevent dripping.

Spray Valve

Poppet Valve

Needle Valve

The SV1000SS spray valve provides close tolerance spray dispensing of fluids of up to 1000 cps. It is constructed of stainless steel to prevent corrosion from volatile materials. Designed specifically for spraying flux, paint, oils, lubricants, and coatings for use in coating and marking applications.

The flow rate is controlled by turning the stroke adjust at the top of the valve in order to set the spray volume. Coating area and flow rate are controlled by the fluid pressure, needle stroke, distance from the valve to the component, and the duration the valve is open.

This spray valve is used in conjunction with the SVC100 controller.

The VMP30H is a mini-poppet, pneumatic valve designed for dispensing small shots of medium viscosity materials. Its lightweight and compact design is beneficial for installation in confined work areas.

The poppet design minimizes surface area and friction between the valve piston and the material, making it ideal for filled materials and extending the life of the valve seals.

MV-0180 Micro Shot Needle Dispensing Valves are designed for precision dispensing of low viscosity fluids from micro shots to moderate-sized beads and dots. Its lightweight, pencil-type grip makes the valve suitable for either handheld or automated applications.

Shot size and flow rate are controlled by the tip size, fluid pressure, and the duration that the valve is open.