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Experts in portable and integrated air treatment systems

At QUATRO Air Technologies we take pride in that we are one of the worlds most focused companies in providing portable and integrated air treatment systems. QUATRO has achieved success by adhering to the same business principals practiced since the company was incorporated in 1990. The three founding engineers remain responsible for product development and work closely with OEM customers to create the next generation of filtration systems.  We believe in building partnerships with our customers and in earning their business every day. Air purification technology is constantly changing but our commitment remains the same. We want to be long-term partners with our clients.


Being a partner with Quatro Air Technologies brings benefits to both parties whether you are a distributor, a representative or an OEM. Because we work in so many industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, printing & imaging, dentistry, jewelry, electronics and the medical field to mention a few; we are knowledgeable in a wide range of filtration technologies. With this broad spectrum of filtration applications and filtration technologies there is always the possibility of cross industry transfers. For example, we have used a control room pressurization concept from the pulp and paper industry and have applied it to protect CTP equipment in the imaging industry

Quatro also benefits from partnerships. Our customers are constantly providing us with suggestions that result in new equipment and/or modifications to existing systems. We want to improve daily and your suggestions are always welcome.

As part of our problem solving and equipment development, we are extremely committed to beta pilot test sites. We like to ensure that although our engineers are satisfied with a product there is always some fine-tuning to be performed to satisfy the end user. Before new products are launched, we always install beta test sites and monitor them for extended periods of time. If you have a new application and are willing to become a beta test site at little or no charge, please contact our application engineers.