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The Solder Recovery System Products

EVS Provice machines  for fast, simple and cost effective on site recovery of purified solder from waste wave solder dross and fully lead free compatible now.

The Solder Recovery technology built into the new range of EVS machines is based upon world-wide patents not just for the machines but also for the underlying process, allowing EVS International to develop a range of new machines covering all aspects of solder recovery.

  • Rapid ROI Return on Investment (Months not Years)
  • Improvements for your Wave Solder Process
  • ISO14001 Gain or Retain (RECYCLE-REDUCE-REUSE)
  • Productivity Improvements (Save MONEY and TIME)
  • Reduction of Costs (Solder-Rework-Nitrogen-Labour-Time)
  • Different Size EVS machines for different applications