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MITS (Japan)

With more than 30 years’ experience, MITS will continue to support Rapid Prototyping

Since the company started in 1984, MITS Electronics have been supplying PCB prototyping machine for many labs in the world with one of the best qualities in the market.

And now MITS Electronics start 3D printer business to satisfy the needs of engineers and scientists.

Environment surrounding the industry is changing and the progress of technology is accelating its speed. 3D printer could change the industry and rapid prototyping as well. MITS Electronics keep supplying good quality products to meet the needs of customers.

Today, many advanced precision products in the world market are: JAPAN MADE.

MITS Electronics has Design / Development, Engineering (Manufacturing Management, Evaluation Test, Quality Assurance), Soft Development, Repair & Solution, Demo Room and Sales & Administration in one base.
So we can share the problem and the action by all staffs.