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Specialty Coating Systems’ roots date back to the 1970’s when Parylene conformal coatings were first commercialized due to William F. Gorham’s work at Union Carbide Corporation (UCC). We are proud of our heritage, which has afforded us over 40 years of coating and applications expertise.

1971 – Nova Tran Corporation was established in Clear Lake, WI. Nova Tran purchased a license agreement from UCC to be one of the world’s first Parylene service providers.

1984 – Union Carbide Corporation purchased Nova Tran. In 1991, Nova Tran, along with Integrated Technologies, Inc., PHOTOCURE Systems, and UCC Coatings Materials, were combined as a new company called Specialty Coating Systems (SCS). Union Carbide transferred all of the original information and patents regarding the development of Parylene to SCS.

1994 – Cookson Electronics purchased Specialty Coating Systems from Union Carbide.

2005 – Bunker Hill Capital L.P. purchased SCS from Cookson Electronics with the intention of developing SCS into a private, stand-alone company.

2008 – Berwind Corporation, a private, long-term investment management company, acquired SCS.

2016 – KISCO LTD., an international supplier of high-quality materials, products and services, acquired Specialty Coating Systems. Both well-recognized brands in the Parylene industry, the merged Parylene organization operates globally as Specialty Coating Systems, a KISCO company, and builds upon the legacies and strengths the companies have built over their cumulative 63+ years of Parylene experience.

Today the SCS portfolio includes:

For details on SCS equipment, please refer to scsequip.com